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About BeyondRent

We’re passionate about enabling people to own a home of their own. Which is why we created, and are committed to, The Generation Unrent Manifesto.

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The Generation Unrent Manifesto

Everyone should have the opportunity to work hard and own a home of their own.

They should not be forced to depend on the state in later life (or at all) but should have the opportunity to earn their financial, and personal, independence through owning their home.

They should not have:
"...to come to terms with the idea that [their] life will unfold in a series of pokey rooms in shared flats"
James Marriott in The Times, August 2019
A place where the rules - whether they can keep a pet, whether they can decorate to their own tastes or not - are set by someone else, who does not live there.

This is a key part of the basic social contract between the state and its people, and should be honoured as a high priority, along with health, education and security. Government should commit to working with the private sector and innovators to ensure that this is so.

Our commitment is to catalyse and provide new thinking and innovation to this end. To work with government, the private sector and all concerned citizens to make as rapid progress as possible towards the day when everyone can have hope - and have the choice - to own a home of their own.

Please join us by signing this manifesto here.

The BeyondRent Team


  • Who's behind BeyondRent?

    Barry James and his team, together with a host of visionaries who see that the future can be different!

    Barry wrote the book on Crowdfunding has a life-time’s experience at the frontier of the latest digital technologies and as an entrepreneur: early computers, PCs, networks, Internet, crowdfunding and now Blockchain/DLT. Together with a strong track record of advocacy and effective campaigning for smarter regulation to support innovation for social good. He co-founded and chairs the British Blockchain & Frontier Technologies Association (BBFTA.org) and co-chairs the Westminster Frontier Technologies Forum with Barry Sheerman MP.

    Kay Klug is Barry's partner in business and life and has almost ten years experience as a mortgage advisor with a major mainstream provider.

    Jonathan James is the third partner and tech alter ego, bringing to life the digital creations that Barry architects and we design together.

The Team

Barry James

Kay Klug

Jonathan James

Barry Sheerman
Parliamentary Ambassador At The House of Commons

Adrian Oldman
Marketing At Formerly Unity Trust Bank / Fair for You

Chris Moss
Formely Head of Corporate At JMW Solicitors

Richard Hallewell
CEO At CPRAS & Ethecal Limited

Carri Nicholson
MD / Co-Founder At EPIC Regeneration

Jonny Fry
CEO At TeamBlockchain

Graham Hallewell

Scott Craig
Advisor At The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN)

Grant Kangley
Director At Property Plus UK

Antony Abell
Director / Co-Founder At TrustMe™ and of the TPX™ Property Exchanges

Julian Wells
Co-Founder At Fintech North

Guy Davies
Blockchain Consultant for Social Good, Lead Blockchain Consultant At Brixton Pound

Simon Fordham
Chair of Association of Business Mentor & Executive Coach

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